About me

Who am I and what qualifications do I have, which could be helpful for you?

My name is Lilia Tripodi. Professionally My diplomas and certificates mix is quite colorful and unusual: opera singer, personal coach, type consultant and Hypnotiseurin. Privately I think it easy for this: happy wife and mother of two children (where, since the certificates still pending ;))


 Now wonder you what you should do with this unusual mix, right?

Here are a few suggestions:

-As an opera singer, I'm used to play many different fates and to relive intense in a way. This experience has trained the ability for me to go completely in your world and to look at it through your eyes. Be sure that I will meet you with understanding, interest and value-free value estimate.

-As a personal coach I can help you to find solutions, to learn new perspectives and to engage on yourself.

-If you want to discover what reveals your body about you and how you put your preferences in the right light, I'm very happy to help with my training as a consultant of type of.

-If you want to more easily change however, obstructive habits and behaviors, or want to enjoy complete relaxation, you benefit from my hypnosis – offers.


What is so special about my offer to you?

You must choose an aspect not! I enjoy working on multiple levels of parallel and combine methods and expertise from different areas. Only this results in a unique blend, which is suitable for your unique concerns. Many roads lead to the same goal. We only need to find out which way you prefer go!


Why I'm interested in you?

All life stories fascinated me as a child. I made the experience that the man often swims in a sea full of possibilities, without ever noticing it. Yes, he threatens to drown, because he didn't even know that he can swim long even. I have made my aims, to visualize this sea at least in part, to give you a swim goggles and a swim. And although only as long as you don't need me anymore. It is after all your sea 🙂


A small, but crucial note more…

You are the hero of the story! You write the screenplay, directing and playing the main role! For me, there is nothing better than to hear your story and helping you, to take even the pen in the hand and to be at your side. But: You decide you make, you create. Without your sincere desire anything is possible, he -! Their history is written namely in any case, whether from others, or you.