What can I do for you?

What can I do for you?


I could promise you happy to conjure up, but you wouldn't believe me. I me by the way, neither! I can promise you but that you yourself are capable of! You must just want it and decide! Wear all the answers already in itself! I mean that literally, believe me. I join you here in diverse ways, but especially with my whole energy and conviction!

Curious about more? Then just read further and find out in which areas you can count on my effective and professional support.


  1. Personality development

-Would you achieve your goals easier and safer?

You can do that. It is the right targets, useful to formulate but crucial, for the first time. So you've reached often very much. You know the chances to meet also the better you target, the better.


-Wishing you more success and satisfaction in their lives?

Find out what's ("you") arrives. There are simple strategies that will change your life!


-Feel sometimes back and torn and need help with important decisions (z. B. between two apparently equivalent options)?

Let your inner thoughts to the surface here. When concrete requests a meeting, enough to clearly know what is even right for you.


-More self-confidence and charisma compliant? May I introduce you to your authentic and distinctive beauty?

Find out how you can develop your strengths. Learn what your body long wants to tell you and how you make peace with him.


  1. Happy relationships (partnership, family, friends, workplace)

            Do you want to discover what is important for a happy relationship? Or rather, when your happy relationship?

            Do this already, or are still looking and want to know how to find them?

            Or result in a unhappy relationship that take away your power instead of to meet you?

In coaching 'Happy relations' work we:

-Definitions and values

-Conflict pattern and how we resolve them

-Successful communication, parts and parts with

-Definition and self love

-The female power discover and admit (for women)

-The male force promote (for men)


  1. Life balance and health promotion

            Is sometimes simply you all too much? Would you prefer escape from your own skin?

Simply, release stress and harmful habits! Treat to something! Book short breaks with me! Very seriously.

Thanks to hypnosis, I can offer the following:

-a 2-3 hour deep relaxation, where you can completely switch off and recharge your energy reserves. The feeling is similar to a real getaway, only travel stress-free.

-30-minute fantasy trip that gives you a break from everyday life and your stress level goes down. As a result you are fresher, more effective and conscious to put there again behind able, where you left off.

Both offers are also very recommendable as a Burnout – prevention. The devastating effects of stress on our body are long medically proven. Hypnosis should and can not apply here as a cure, but it can provide a very effective compensation.

Also for many hypnosis is behavior changes very effectively, as already numerous scientific studies prove. If you so desire, to do something good for themselves and to free themselves from old trucks I am to make you these two deals.

-uncomplicated smoking without suffering.

 -pleasant weight reduction and conscious body sense


You wonder where the catch, right? Can it all be so simple?

There is no catch. But a single condition. Their own, fixed, genuine decision. Nothing else.



Expect absolute confidentiality, professionalism, trust and attentive appreciation from me!

Expect much self-awareness, reflection of our cooperation and certainly a crucial discovery – your own way!

Expect openness and curiosity about you by themselves! Carry everything you need to solve your request, long in itself!


It's about you!