Mirror, mirror on the wall…

How often do we control our appearance, our hair, our clothes every day? In the shop Windows and many mirrors in the city… Or in the car? We take always a definite own facial expression, we at least have drawn up by us in puberty. Position is also rigorously adapts to our selected image. If everything is as usual, gives us the security.


Interestingly, almost all the people are restless, if they are requested to perform an action before the mirror, to keep as a presentation, or to sing a song. Hardly anyone can be quiet here. Check it out yourself. Only time for fun before the mirror, stand and look to how you sing a song. No matter which… Your first idea is likely how ridiculous that is. Right after move too soon hundreds thoughts that relentlessly show's meticulously all your weaknesses. Isn't that right? It is actually an ordinary action, but it is embarrassing to us. Even from ourselves. We can focus not on our ideal mirror face and a different action.

Why do we not see what everyone else we see? Why do we not admire us? Why are we embarrassed to us?

The answer is simple. We need the exercise.

We are exceptionally good at it trained to detect a defect. Already in the school determines the number of failures, the note. Relentless self-criticism is a great virtue. Self-praise is, however, "stink". These beliefs are passed hardly to somebody without a trace. This means that we are always on our mistakes and assessed. As the word implies, it unfortunately is the "lack", which we give our attention. How about it, to change the viewing angle? How about, to perceive what is there?

Maybe you could oppose the next time, if an "incorrect" Super-cookies assails you, him an "" Super-cookies. And instantly and constantly. As every time you would put out a small fire. This is initially unfamiliar, but incredibly effective. Try not the pejorative ideas to drive away. So you give them only force. Just think about something that you honestly like you. Attention can grow, what it is. Is it not worth it, just stop that and to decide at least realize?

I look forward to your comments and your decisions!

I almost forgot it…, cordial greetings to your reflection 😉

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