Hypnosis is a wonderful opportunity that allows us to make our subconscious mind to our accomplices. At this point, I would like to correct some false myths. It would be indeed a shame, if they would not benefit from this method for the wrong reasons.


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  1. No one can hypnotize you against your will!


On the contrary, your will is crucial for hypnosis to work! Flash hypnosis can access while in part for a moment without deciding, be made but within a few seconds of your consciousness ineffective, if you have an internal resistance. I don't use this kind of hypnosis but in my Studio.

  1. You are at the mercy of the hypnotist at any time!


Your subconscious mind and your consciousness will watch over you! You mitigate any actions that do not match your values. Do only that what you would do in the waking state.

  1. You can remember after the hypnosis most everything!


It is in our interest that you are actively working with, that's why usually a slight is aspired to medium trance. If you have but brief interruptions, it is because you are getting into a deeper trance, which is equally productive.

  1. Hypnosis is not a completely unknown condition!


Will experience this condition several times a day! The transition to exactly the State shortly before sleep, or waking up in hypnosis. He is only extended in the session and maintain. Also, you are in a hypnotic state when you are totally absorbed in an activity (read book, watch movie, long / habitual drive, etc.)

  1. Hypnosis is nothing supernatural or magical!

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Access to the subconscious mind is only slightly more permeable in this State and the brain more malleable. Changes can be easier taken and stored.

  1. Hypnosis is not always relax!


In many cases you must work intensively. Only for deep relaxation, you may forget the world around you around in the short term and recharge. In this case, the trance is also deeper and you must not remember everything. The motto is: let go!


Here you can see some concrete points that can give you a higher quality of life. Affect all positive effect on your health and well-being! Say goodbye to it of everything that hurts you and shine in a new light! The farewell will take you not only tear. There is only a likely side effect: it could you like to feel good and to be admired from all sides!


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  • Smoking cessation

-make your decision easy and pleasant way!

  • Weight reduction

-programming your eating habits and your self image to your liking!

  • Blocking solution

-give your subconscious the possibility to break up blockages!

  • Deep relaxation

-enjoy a relaxation, which recharges your energy reserves like a short vacation!

  • Burn-out prevention

-use short units of hypnosis to relax and regenerate. Change your definition of dealing with stress!

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