Three simple tips to prevent jealousy that work wonders!

Three simple tips to prevent jealousy that work wonders!


"Jealousy is a passion that seeks with diligence, what creates suffering."

This saying is certainly familiar friends and now you probably shake your head and think what probably new can come, if it starts already so well known, or?

As you read further after this heading, I'm heavily assuming that you know well that gnawing feeling in the stomach area 😉. It clouds our mind and poisons our relationships often unfounded. For many a couple, it's the salt in the soup, but for most it is quite stressful and unattractive. According to polls 80% of Germans call 30% of it as extremely jealous as jealous. Many relationships are destroyed every day as a result. Because you still follow me, I assume that you already have decided to get this feeling in the handle and therefore need no further arguments from me, or? That's why I get right to the point. Try these three points in the action and you'll see how this feeling begins to shrink. The only catch? You gotta do it. Reading alone will probably make you a pleasant feeling and strengthen your mind, but it will solve not your concern 😊 provide?


Tip 1: first aid at the acute moment: shift your attention.

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Before you go over to short circuit acts, which later may be very sorry and also the relationship with security, harm, you can apply this technique.

If thoughts of jealousy, just close your eyes, very deep breath a few times and put a big red stop sign before! Call in mind according to "Stop!". Your fist ball together and get happy times on the table (if you are alone!). This is a very effective technique to interrupt thoughts immediately. Use this brief confusion pause and think of a moment in which you felt a special bond with your partner. It is crucial to quickly perform the "Exchange" before the old thoughts come back. Take some time and immerse yourself in this sense. Concentrate on what you have and what works. Think of the many little things that friends put a smile on the face.

By so control over the thoughts, gradually strengthen the connectedness and trust, instead of insecurity and mistrust. Try not the negative thoughts to suppress! So you feed it! They swap back and thus create a new pattern.

This technique gives you an emergency brake, but also the ability to apply them preemptively. Thoughts are like frequencies that you radiate. Your environment reacts unconsciously. If you radiate so more and more frequencies of connectedness and trust, how is your partner respond well? And if you radiate doubt, fear and aggression, how would then be the reaction? Try both. You don't have to believe me. Believe your own experience 😊.


Tip 2. I tell you a mystery: trust required much more than suspicion.


Try it out. Show someone a very positive expectations and thank him that you trust him so much. He will do automatically everything not to disappoint you. Our brain tries always expectations to realize both the own as well as those of others. Both the positive and the negative. Here I correct my statement earlier. Trust committed as much as distrust. If you expect someone to be disappointed, it will arrive sooner or later also. So, decide for myself.


Tip 3. Friends become aware of your true value! The combination of your personal qualities and experience is unique!


The cause of our suffering with the jealousy is the idea that because someone could be, which is better than we. Someone who could take our place. By the way is the same principle in the envy. We feel envy when someone is supposedly great, or has more. In Greek, there's only one word for both feelings!

But is that possible? Can someone be better? What is better?

You'll notice that you can find on these questions, no meaningful responses. Someone else is simply different! The interplay between of his properties and his experience is not the same as yours. Everyone is absolutely unique and wonderful! And then is only about who is better suited to who and what.

The realization: No one can take away something, or ever be like you! Maybe someone can be appropriate as you. But then you're also suitable for someone else.


Are you smiling grad? Does not resolve the jealousy?

I could write much more about the topic of jealousy, but it is sufficient, if you put these three tips into action. You'll notice how much more relaxed you are dealing with this topic. Not because it will never draw in the stomach area, but because you'll know that you are good enough bist…und the others also. Just different.


I wish you a great time and great experience! To the next pulse!



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P. S. If you need my assistance, I'm here also like to personally for you. Call or send me an email. I look forward, if I can help!